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How long will it take for my key to arrive?

All keys are shipped from the US and we do not ship from another country. Shipping with USPS Ground Service is 2-5 business days depending on location.

If the key is ordered with a cutting service, we have to cut the blade before it is shipped. We dedicate one day each week to fulfill orders that require a key cutting service.

How do you cut my key blade?

We are able to cut with a photo of an existing key blade or a key code. You are able to text the photos to our support number or upload the photos directly on the website. If you have a key code, you can leave a note during checkout or message us the code for cutting.

You are welcome to text a key blade photo before ordering and we'll confirm if it's good for a cutting service. All cutting services are guaranteed to work.

Will my new chipped key start the vehicle out the package?

Most vehicles made after 2000 will not start with just a cut blade, the new key needs to be programmed to the vehicle. Check the listing's description for your vehicle. Some keys can be completely self programmed and others cannot.

Can I mail you a key to cut?

Yes, text or email us that you would like to mail a key for cutting. Provide a photo of an existing cut key blade to copy and it will be $25 with return shipping included. 

Once we can confirm we're able to cut the key, we'll provide shipping details and a link to order this cutting. We are able to cut with a photo of a key blade, there is no need to mail us an existing key to copy.

Click here for the mail in key cutting service listing

Are you able to make a key with a VIN?

We do not cut with a VIN, if all keys are lost our suggestion is to contact a local automotive locksmith or dealership.

If you are in an emergency situation (such as your keys are lost or locked out) we highly recommend a local automotive locksmith. It will be more expensive but it will also be a faster solution because we have to make the key and ship it.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we have shipped all over the world. We ship with USPS and the average cost is $15 USD with First Class International Package. Tracking is included. 

If you are interested in buying a remote key from us, the vehicle must originally have been from the US market. If your vehicle is from the European market, our key might have a different frequency and will not be compatible. 

Regular (non remote) ignition keys are compatible with any market as well as key shells. Audi/Volkswagen keys will have a red panic button while yours will not.

If we did not cover your question here, feel free to text our support number and we'll be happy to help!


If you are unable to text, international or prefer email, email FasterAutoKeys@gmx.us

Please refrain from contacting us using both methods to prevent double communication

Our text support number does not take phone calls